Career Ready

Career Ready

University, apprenticeships or the world of work? Career Ready will help you achieve your goals.

Career Ready transforms the life chances of young people at Cardiff and Vale College. By connecting students to volunteers from the world of business, they develop the skills, confidence and behaviour to compete when they leave college. Career Ready is a programme that Cardiff and Vale College offer to students aged 16-19 enrolling onto a course. The Career Ready program has simple objectives:


• Increased employment chances for young people in the UK
• Increased number of young people in the UK who are ready for the world of work

"Thousands of volunteers from our network of national and local supporters contribute their time, skills and enthusiasm to make a real difference to the lives of students."

Anne Spackman | Chief Executive, Career Ready

No matter what your chosen path may be, from university, apprenticeships or the world of work - Career Ready teaches students how to reach those goals.

By being involved in our programme students have access to masterclasses based at CAVC and at external sites. Every year Career Ready host a London Capital Experience trip, where learners are given the opportunity to travel to London for a day of networking and much more. Through our masterclasses you will learn about:

• Enhancing your CV
• Building your own self brand
• Interview skills
• Building confidence
• Keeping yourself motivated and much, much more


The Career Ready programme also offers a mentoring scheme. Every student will have the opportunity to be paired with a working professional from a variety of business backgrounds. This allows students to learn from people working directly in lines of work to their interest. This direct link with working professionals is the first step students take in taking responsibility and starting their future.

The Career Ready programme is for students with the potential to succeed, who need guidance and opportunities to compete on a level-playing field for the best careers in the country. 



"I'm unrecognisable from the person I was at the start of the programme. I'd lost my way and was working in a bargain store on minimum wage. The following 18 months changed my life. What stuck the most is how much my mentor helped to build my confidence."

Megan Harrington | former student at Cardiff & Vale College, now studying law at Greenwich University

Megan Harrington was a former student of CAVC and one of our biggest success stories. Megan was very shy and unsure of what she could achieve in life before joining the Career Ready programme. She is now currently studying Law at Greenwich University – an amazing achievement.

After being involved with masterclasses, a mentoring scheme and much more, Megan was the Sir Winfred Bischoff Award Winner for Career Ready at the 2016 awards ceremony in London. This award was an acknowledgement of the success and development Megan had found through the Career Ready programme.

Megan visited New York that summer – the prize for a transformation and exceptional Career Ready journey! Since Megan’s achievement, we have had three Regional Winners for the Sir Winfred Bischoff Award.

At a time when young people are struggling to secure employment and a good knowledge of the workplace is more crucial than ever, the events we hold at Cardiff and Vale College are a fantastic opportunity for students to practice networking and find out more about the kind of skills major employers are seeking.

Do you want to:

• Unlock your potential and raise aspirations?
• Develop employment skills and experiences?
• Benefit from a mentor and an internship?
• Gain exciting, life-changing opportunities and real-life work experiences?

Join us at Career Ready and kick start your career.

"Career Ready has helped me grow confidence in myself and in my approach to finding a career. It has helped me secure opportunities for the future that I would not have even known of if it weren’t for Career Ready."

Kathryn Parker | former Career Ready Student

• Cardiff & Vale College has been affiliated with Career Ready UK since 2009.
• Career Ready UK is a national charity that links education with business to prepare young people for the world of work.
• Through our partnership with Career Ready UK we provide a structured programme of internships, mentoring by employee volunteers, master classes and workplace visits.
• The aim of the programme is to give 16-19 year olds the work experience and skills they need to be able to perform more effectively in the wider world.
• Our Career Ready is part of a national network of more than 150 schools and colleges across the UK.
• Over 85% of Career Ready graduates nationally progress either to university - often the first in their family to do so - or directly into employment or work based learning such as apprenticeships or school leaver programmes.
• The Career Ready programme helps us to meet the latest Government and Ofsted standards for careers guidance – “Schools should provide sustained contacts with employers, mentors and coaches who can inspire pupils with a sense of what they can achieve and help them understand how to make this a reality”.


We are always looking for more businesses and individuals to offer their support to Career Ready by:

• Becoming a mentor – either face-to-face mentoring or e-mentoring
• Joining our Local Advisory Board
• Delivering a master class to students on a particular topic, for example “Writing your CV” or “Effective networking”
• Offering a four to six week paid internship over the summer

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