School Link programmes and Junior Apprenticeships

Programmes for 14-19 year olds

School link 14-19 pathways

We work with over 25 schools across Cardiff and the Vale and provide a range of innovative, stimulating Learning Pathways including:

  • Construction
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Auto Vehicle
  • Public Services
  • Media
  • Engineering
  • Re-Engagement programmes

(including:Pre-Vocational, PRU Pathways in partnership with the Youth Service)


For more information about School Link contact the team:

Junior Apprenticeships

Junior Apprenticeships are a unique new way to learn and start training for a future career for 14-16 year olds.

During Year 10 and 11 young people on a Junior Apprenticeship programme come to college, instead of school, five days a week during term-time.

On a Junior Apprenticeship you can develop knowledge, skills and gain industry qualifications for your chosen future career. Alongside this you will study English and Maths and continue to sit GCSE exams in these subjects which are important for any future career.

Visit the Junior Apprenticeship page to find out more