CELTA Courses at CAVC

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA)

For detailed information about CELTA, course dates, fees and FAQs, please click on the relevant link below. Please read the information carefully before applying.

If you wish to apply for one of our courses, please email the following documents to the Course Tutor, Lisa Manogg, at lmanogg@cavc.ac.uk:

  • CV with full details of your qualifications;
  • Personal statement of approximately 300-350 words outlining your reasons for wanting to follow the course;
  • Completed Language Analysis Test. You can find the Language Analysis Test here;
  • Scanned copy of your highest qualification in pdf format, e.g. degree certificate.

Emailing your documents will ensure that you receive a swift reply (usually within a week) and that your application is processed promptly.

You will also need to fill in an online application form for the course you wish to study:

If you have specific queries about the CELTA courses at CAVC and cannot find the information in the course details document above, please email lmanogg@cavc.ac.uk