Planes and supply chains

Planes and supply chains

Planes = ICAT the International Centre for Aerospace Training

All Cardiff and Vale College Aircraft Engineering courses are based at the International Centre for Aerospace Training (ICAT). ICAT is acclaimed as one of the country's leading aerospace education and training providers. 

The Centre includes specialist avionicas laboratories, several aircraft, a number of gas turbine engines and mechanical workshops. In addition, bespoke courses can be run, for instance, up-skilling current qualifications for the future aviation market, which is vibrant in the South Wales area.

Courses include:


For ICAT Aerospace courses, contact Steven Vincent, Head of ICAT. E-mail or phone 01446 711447.

Part 66 and ICAT Ltd

EASA has established a common Aircraft Maintenance Engineers' Licence under IR Part-66 known as Part-66 (formerly JAR-66).

You can study the Category A Licence or Category B1 and B2 Licences via ICAT Ltd or by distance learning via the Part 66 website.

For more information on Part 66, please contact Brian Sinkins, Head of ICAT Ltd. E-mail or phone 01446 719281.

Supply chains and logistics = bespoke training to meet your needs 

Cardiff and Vale College's supply chains and logistics training meets the wider needs of your business requirements, training your staff in all areas of your non-technical business needs such as:

  • Purchasing
  • Transport
  • Procurement
  • Distribution
  • Production planning and control
  • Customer relationship management

Cardiff and Vale College's supply chain and logistics training will enable your employees to be capable of carrying out competently, under normal operational conditions, the day-to-day tasks arising in the supply chain management and logistics industry. Bespoke training can be delivered across the UK and beyond.