Financial support for part-time HE students starting in 2018-19

Financial Support for part-time HE students starting in 2018-19

Tuition Fee Support

New students studying in Wales can apply for a non-means tested fee loan of up to £2,625 to cover their annual fees. Students need to be studying at a minimum 25% intensity to be eligible e.g. a full-time student completes a Foundation Degree in 2 years, therefore a part-time student would need to complete the course in no more than 8 years.

Maintenance (Living Costs) Support

If you start a part-time course on or after 1 August 2018, you can apply for annual living costs support up to a maximum of £4,987.50. This will be a combination of grant (which you don’t pay back) and loan (which you do). The amount of grant and loan you are awarded is dependent on the number of hours you study (i.e. the intensity of study) and your household income.

An illustration of the amounts of grant and loan available at various levels of household income and study intensity are shown in the table below.


Income (£)

Welsh Government Learning Grant or Special Support Grant (£)

Maintenance Loan (£)

Total Grant Plus Loan (£)

Studying at 75% intensity

25,000 4,500.00 487.50 4,987.50
30,000 3,952.50 1,035.00 4,987.50
35,000 3,404.25 1,583.25 4,987.50
40,000 2,856.00 2,131.50 4,987.50
45,000 2,307.75 2,679.75 4,987.50
50,000 1,759.50 3,228.00 4,987.50
55,000 1,211.25 3,776.25 4,987.50
59,200 750.00 4,237.50 4,987.50



Income (£)

Welsh Government Learning Grant or Special Support Grant (£)

Maintenance Loan (£)

Total Grant Plus Loan (£)

Studying at 50% intensity

25,000 3,000.00 325.00 3,325.00
30,000 2,635.00 690.00 3,325.00
35,000 2,269.50 1,055.50 3,325.00
40,000 1,904.00 1,421.00 3,325.00
45,000 1,538.50 1,786.50 3,325.00
50,000 1,173.00 2,152.00 3,325.00
55,000 807.50 2,517.50 3,325.00
59,200 500.00 2,825.00 3,325.00

Other Financial Support:

• Adult Dependent’s Grant (ADG)
• Childcare Grant (CCG)
• Parents' Learning Allowance (PLA)
• Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA)

More information on this additional financial support can be found on the Student Finance Wales website.

Eligibility for Financial Support

Eligibility is dependent on where you live, whether you’ve studied a HE course and received support before and the type of course you’re doing:

Where you live

Students need to be either a UK national or have “settled status”. Students should be normally living in Wales on the first day of their course and have been living in the UK for at least 3 years prior to the start of the course and not for the purposes of full-time education. European Students are only eligible for tuition fee support and are unable to get living costs, dependent’s grants or DSA support. More information on the Student Finance Wales website.

Personal Eligibility

Students who already have a degree won’t be eligible, with the exception of those students wishing to study a part-time PGCE.

Course Type

The course must lead to a recognised Higher Education course e.g. a Degree, Foundation Degree, a Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education or a Higher National Certificate/Diploma (HNC/D) or Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

How to Apply

All applications are made to Student Finance Wales. Students beginning a course in 2018-19 can either apply online or download an application form(PTL1) when the system opens for part-time applications, usually around May/June.